Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Ink competition!!

Announcing the September Ink competition!!!

This competition will run throughout the whole of September, and it only takes 3 easy steps to enter!!

STEP 1 : Head over to SA Rock Bands, create a fan profile, become a fan of Luna Atra and vote for us!!! You can vote every week, so keep that votes coming!!!

STEP 2 : Head over to Luna Atra's music page on Facebook and listen to our music. Choose your favorite song!!

STEP 3 : Go to Luna Atra's Facebook page and post 3 things on our wall. 1. Your SA Rock bands account name. 2. Your favorite song of Luna Atra. 3. A reason why you picked that specific song.

You can enter the competition weekly, winners will be chosen at the end of September!!!

!st prize : R350 tattoo voucher that you can use at El Mosquito tattoos. A Luna Atra cd signed by the band. And a Luna Atra t-shirt!!

Runners up will also get some rad prizes!!!!


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